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Located in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, the Homestead Restaurant offers a wide variety of southern classics and seafood favorites including skillet-served fried chicken, creamed peas, rice & gravy, shrimp & grits and scratch buttermilk biscuits.

Our History

Originally established in 1947, the Homestead Restaurant was a local favorite for over 50 years where patrons could enjoy exceptional food in a cozy atmosphere. Originally located in a log cabin off of Beach Blvd, the Homestead was renowned for its skillet-served fried chicken and family-portioned sides, bringing a sense of closeness and fun to the dinner table. Consistently great food and friendly service were key to the Homestead’s concept.   

The Homestead was equally famous for its’ Coppertop Pub, also affectionally referred to as the Skinny bar. Friends and strangers alike would squeeze into this narrow but delightfully accommodating space for a favorite beverage, including the Coppertop’s signature margarita.

Though the Homestead Restaurant operated successfully for over 50 years, after several generations of different ownership, the Homestead Restaurant closed its original doors in 2001.   

The Homestead Today

Re-established in 2018, the new owners are in a new place and proud to bring you back the original Homestead classics in a cozy, family atmosphere. Located in Jacksonville Beach in the Penman Plaza, the Homestead Restaurant is back serving up the same skillet-served fried chicken, creamed peas, and scratch buttermilk biscuits. Our expansive menu is sure to satisfy all of your southern comfort food cravings!  

And, if you’re looking for a great pub to join friends and strangers alike, you will want to stop in the Coppertop Pub. Here you will be able to enjoy one of your favorite beverages in a cozy secluded pub – including the Coppertop’s signature margarita! Not feeling crowded enough? Then come squeeze into the Skinny bar, nestled in the front area of the main dining room.  

So, come visit us at the Homestead, where consistently great food and service is still key to the Homestead’s concept. We look forward to serving you and becoming your next favorite restaurant!

The Homestead Restaurant
1253 Penman Road
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250
Phone: (904) 372-9963

The Homestead Restaurant   The Homestead Restaurant  The Homestead Restaurant 

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